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Personalized Memorial Bookmarks, a Thoughtful Gift

Finding the perfect item to hand out at a memorial service is a daunting taste. Funeral pamphlets are a standard option for most services, but they are often packed away and forgotten after the service. Sometimes it just feels important to offer something more substantial to your friends and family in attendance at a memorial service. If you need a gift to pass out at your loved one’s service, consider personalized memorial bookmarks.


A bookmark is a simple yet effective gift. It does not burden the receiver with the worry about the cost because it’s just paper, but it’s also so much more. A bookmark is a useful tool that can be enjoyed for years, revisiting our lives every time we return to the book that’s housing it for us. By adding your loved one’s image or a thoughtful tribute to their memory, you can create bookmarks that will help keep their memory in the hearts of everyone who receives one.



When someone passes away, it’s rarely expected, and sometimes even those who loved them most can’t drop everything and travel to offer the family their condolences. Memorial bookmarks are also a simple way to offer a token to friends and family members who were unable to attend your loved one’s service.


A card in the mail with a bookmark will let them know that you understand that they couldn’t make it, but you still want them to have a piece of the funeral memorial service. These kinds of gestures can go a long way towards relieving any guilt your friends and family might be experiencing from missing the service.


To make your own personalized memorial bookmarks, The Funeral Program Site has several options depending on your needs. They offer easily downloadable and fillable templates that you can fill from home. If you don’t need another task in your trying time, the design specialists at The Funeral Program Site can also take over the design of your bookmarks. Simply provide any images you wish to use and any relevant text to have your custom bookmarks designed and printed quickly and easily.


So if you want to give a gift that will serve as a useful reminder of your loved one, visit The Funeral Program Site to see their gorgeous bookmark options. If you have any other memorial related printing needs, their team are experts at getting high quality printed items shipped to families in time for their loved one’s memorial.


The Funeral Program Site has been crafting memorial items since 2009 and they are well versed in the process of setting up a memorial service. Their staff works with grieving families and will help as much or as little as your family needs. If you have any questions about their services, feel free to call their team at 800-773-9026. Whatever you need to make your service the beautiful celebration your loved one needs, The Funeral Program Site will be there for you and your family.

Create a Touching Memento with Funeral Remembrance Cards

When a loved one passes, their family is not only faced with the tragedy of their loss, but also the task of making their final arrangements. This can be a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, and it’s important to make sure that everything goes smoothly. One easy way to offer a touching memento to those who attend your loved one’s service is by offering funeral remembrance cards. These cards contain images and text so that everyone in attendance can take a cherished memento home and keep your loved one’s memory alive for years to come.



Sadly, it’s not always possible for friends and family to drop everything and be by your side after a loss. Life is complicated and even those who would love to attend might not be able to make it. Not only are these cards a great way to give friends and family something to take with them after a funeral or memorial service, but they’re also a great option to send to friends and family who could not make it. When your distant loved ones receive one of these cards in the mail, it will remind them that your thoughts are with them even in this trying time.


If you need funeral remembrance cards for your loved one’s service, the team at The Funeral Program Site is here to help. In order to make a funeral card that perfectly represents your loved one, we provide an array of design templates. Designing the perfect card is as simple as adding your own images and text to one of our easy to use templates. Our team can also help you design a truly unique card if you have a particular vision for your cards. Once you are pleased with the design, we can print your cards and send them directly to you.


When you place your order, you can indicate the day you will need your cards. Depending on your timeframe, we will expedite your order to ensure your cards are in hand by the date you specify. Our entire business focuses on dealing with families in the midst of funeral planning and our goal is to remove complications from that process. When you order from us, we are happy to keep you updated on our progress every step of the way.


At The Funeral Program Site, we are dedicated to working with the bereaved. If you want to take the reigns and take charge of the design of your memorial cards, we are happy to facilitate that. If you have too much on your plate, send us your images and ideas and let our team put a beautiful card together for you. Whatever is right for your family is exactly what we will offer you. If you need funeral remembrance cards or any other printed material for your loved one’s service, let our team take care of that burden and help ensure that everyone leaves with an item to keep and cherish.

Keep your Loved One’s Memory Alive with Memorial Lanterns

After losing a loved one, we traditionally do everything we can to memorialize them. After the service has passed and life returns to normal, we cling to items that remind us of those we have lost. At The Funeral Program Site, we offer a series of beautiful memorial gifts to honor your loved ones. One of the most touching lines of items we offer is our collection of memorial lanterns.



These lanterns keep a light shining to reassure us that the memories of those we’ve lost are always with us. Our lanterns are perfect for anyone who wants to keep a touching reminder of a loved one in their home or give a personal gift to close friends and family affected by a loss. The light from these lanterns is a perfect way to keep memories of those we’ve lost alive.


We offer a wide range of memorial lanterns to fit any style. Our lanterns feature metal and wooden frames, with some designs including multiple finish options. Each lantern features shatter-resistant acrylic windows to ensure they don’t break in transit. A beautiful memorial quote is printed on the front panel of each lantern, which varies by design. Simply pick the lantern you know the recipient will love and then add your personal touches.


Personalizing your lantern is a simple process. Depending on the design, we offer multiple customization options. All of our lanterns feature two customizable lines of text at the base of the front panel. We print this text directly onto the glass for a sticker-free high-quality finish. While most customers use these lines for names and dates, you can personalize them however you see fit. For a few of our lanterns, you can add a photo to the back panel. Use a photo of your loved one or any photo that evokes warm memories for the lantern to illuminate.


All of our lanterns use electric LED candles. We do not recommend using real candles in these products. Our LED votive candles include timers so you can set your lantern to automatically turn off. Whether you want to light the candle daily or only on significant days, the flickering light from our lanterns will fill you with memories of your loved one.

Make a memory that never fades with our memorial lanterns. We know that whoever receives one of these lanterns will be touched by the thoughtful gift and will keep it shining every time they want to celebrate the life of their loved one. Just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean they can’t continue to bring light into the lives of their friends and family.


To share this light with the ones you love, visit The Funeral Program Site. We offer many touching gift options and are here to make getting your memorial needs as simple as possible. Visit our website FuneralProgram-Site.com or call us at (800)-773-9026. Our team is here to help you find the best way to preserve the memories of your loved ones for years to come.

Give a Practical Memorial Gift with Funeral Bookmarks

When attendees leave a funeral, you want to make sure each one of them will always remember your loved one. While many people cherish prayer cards and memorial service printouts, a practical gift is a great way to insert memories of your loved one into the everyday lives of those who cherished them in life. Funeral bookmarks are a perfect way to make sure everyone leaves your service with a token to use and appreciate for years to come.



The Funeral Program Site offers a wide assortment of bookmark options. We know that you want your gift to really symbolize your loved one for those who meant the most to them. We offer a wide variety of themed funeral bookmark templates that you can fill in yourself or let our experts take care of for you.


All of our templates feature the option to add a photo and text to both sides of the bookmark that you know will remind friends and family members of their happy memories of your loved one. If you want to create a unique template, our design team can generate a custom design to match your vision. To save you time, you can provide the text and photo you want the bookmarks to feature and our team can assemble the design for you in as little as one to two hours.


We offer several options for how you would like your bookmarks prepared. We offer cardstock printed bookmarks and lamination services. If you want to give your bookmarks more flourish, we can add ribbons or tassels to the bookmarks for you. For a budget alternative, we even offer some preprinted bookmark paper that we can send you with a template to print at home yourself.


A gorgeous personal bookmark is an ideal gift to provide memorial service attendees. Whether given by itself or with an accompanying funeral pamphlet, it’s an item that won’t get tucked away and forgotten about. Give your friends and family a tiny memorial they can use and cherish for years to come.


The beauty of a funeral bookmark is that it keeps your loved one in someone’s life in such a small but significant way. Whenever they open or close a book, they will experience a reminder of this person who meant so much to them. It’s a simple way to keep the memory of your loved one alive for years to come.


To find your perfect memorial bookmarks and any other memorial printing service you need, visit FuneralProgram-site.com or call us at (800) 773-9026. If you call or email us, we will answer promptly and do everything we can to provide you beautiful products. Our team is dedicated to making the process of getting the memorial print goods you need as easy as possible. We offer services to take care of everything for you or the tools needed to make them yourself. Whatever you need, we’re here and more than happy to help.

Celebrate Life with Memorial Service Cards

When we lose the people we love, it’s essential for us to memorialize them. We know that it’s important to have gravemarkers to visit and urns to hold the remains of our dearly departed. But every life touches countless others near and far, and these beautiful methods of memorializing can’t possibly reach everyone who cared for your loved one.


Dealing with the aftermath of a death is never easy, and it’s even harder when circumstances don’t allow friends and family to attend the services. For families who want to celebrate the lives of the deceased, memorial service cards can be a way to share a loving memory with friends and family across the country or across the world.


Sometimes the simple act of receiving a card can remind the recipient that they are in your thoughts during this trying time. While dealing with the process of planning a memorial, the worry of leaving loved ones feeling excluded should not be something that weighs on your mind. These cards also provide a touching way to give service attendees a memory to take home with them.



These memorial service cards measure 4.25” wide and 5.5” tall and come in folded or unfolded options. Though there is no perfect formula for what makes a memorial card, The Funeral Program Site has many template options to choose from. No matter your needs, The Funeral Program Site will work with you to make the perfect card to honor your loved one.


To start designing a memorial card, simply find a picture of your loved one for the front and choose a background. Then you can select how to fill your card’s interior or back. Loving words, a touching story, or a memorial prayer are all perfect ways to remind those you care about that distance doesn’t truly separate you.


The Funeral Program Site also offers a design service to put the cards together for you. For those who would like to assemble the card themselves, the downloadable templates allow you to make the cards yourself on your home computer. Either option will allow you to produce beautiful cards that your loved ones will cherish.


Memorial cards are just another way to memorialize your loved one. Whether you want a memory for the funeral or memorial service attendees to take with them or to reach out to distant loved ones, a memorial service card offers everyone a small memorial to cherish forever.


The Funeral Program Site wants to makes this process easy for you. We will make the cards for you or give you the tools to make your own gorgeous cards. Whatever works best for your family, we will offer you all the help we can. Visit The Funeral Program Site online at FuneralProgram-Site.com and let us take care of all your print needs to share with your loved ones. From funeral prayer cards to memorial lanterns, cremation urns, bookmarks and more, we have everything you need to ensure the funeral and memorial service cherishes and celebrates the life of your lost loved one.

Preparing a Great Eulogy to Commemorate a Loved One

A eulogy honors the memory of a loved one who has passed, but it serves a higher purpose in the healing process. Following a loss, hearing a well-delivered eulogy can help mourners experience the person that has been lost through someone else’s eyes. However, writing a eulogy is incredibly difficult. Not only is it hard to distill years of memories into one speech, but the emotions of loss can be tough to get through while writing.


Adding some humor mixed with thoughtful memories can be the best ways to cherish the memory of a loved one. Adding funeral poems for mother or reading passages that meant something to your father can also be read at the funeral as part of the eulogy or a separate reading for those that aren’t as good at writing.



Remember the Best of Times
Most of a eulogy consists of memories with the person that passed. Rather than focusing on how things ended or the painful memories, remember the good times. Before writing anything down, take time to remember the person you’ve lost. The eulogy should reflect how they make you feel without the emotions of mourning and loss. Remember, the eulogy honors the one that passed away but it’s actually for the living.


Funerals may not be full of sunshine and happiness, even when they are celebrations of life, but they shouldn’t dwell on the sadness. Instead, it should be a healing celebration where those mourning the loss can come together. Incorporating the memories that those in attendance will cherish is the most important aspect of the speech.


Create an Outline and Set the Tone
With any piece of writing, an outline and consistent tone are key. Further, an outline can help bring the chosen memories together into one narrative. When creating the outline, consider what you want to shine through the most. Is it your mother that passed away? Do you want to convey that she was a kind and loving mother or show her as strict but supportive? Have you considered funeral poems for mother or passages she enjoyed?


The key is to create an obvious theme. If she was very loving, choosing memories where she was loving and weaving them into one narrative is highly effective. It helps others grieve and experience your love for your mother while having one consistent tone and message throughout.


Prepare to Speak
Delivering the eulogy may be more difficult than writing the speech. The first thing to remember is that no one expects you to get through the eulogy without crying or having your voice break. At a funeral, everyone is also upset and will be supportive as you try to commemorate the loved one you have lost. Further, no one expects you to be a good public speaker. Chances are, you were chosen due to how close you were with the person who passed. As long as you are sincere, it will be a heartfelt moment everyone was hoping for.


When planning a funeral, personalizing items and getting everything organized can be overwhelming. The Funeral Program Site makes it easy to create personalized programs and other items for funerals and memorial services. Check out the website today to see how we can help during these difficult times.

Creating New Traditions After Losing a Loved One

When you lose a family member or other loved one, the holidays and other traditions will never be the same. While there is a lot of sadness attached to that sentiment, there can be a silver lining. Rather than feeling the loss each year, families can find comfort in paying tribute to their loved one with new traditions. For every family, the level of involvement and way to memorialize the loss will be different. Whether you buy memorial lanterns and light them with messages or set an extra plate at the table, it’s important to honor both their memory and your own feelings when choosing a new tradition.


The inspiration behind a new tradition may be a loss, but the tradition is meant for the living. Be sure to choose a tradition that speaks the truth of your relationship of the loved one and preserves your memory of them. By honoring that truth, the tradition will likely be passed on for generations, creating new memories and family traditions while keeping the memory alive.



Food Selections
Did they have a favorite holiday food? Making a holiday dish, a dessert, breakfast food, or other drinks or food items that they loved is a great way to feel close to them during a holiday. Maybe your dish won’t even be part of the main event. Having their favorite breakfast as a family long before guests arrive can be a great way to connect with their memory in a more intimate way. This can also be done with drinks after the fact. Whichever better serves the memory of the person who has passed will be the better choice.


Lighting a Candle or Ceremony
There are options in candle lightings, ceremonies, and memorial lanterns to use a flame to celebrate their life. Letting a candle burn throughout an event can make it feel like the person is attending the celebration in some way. Chinese lanterns can be lit as a ceremony to honor them. Some families buy memorial lanterns and write personalized messages on them so it gets delivered to the loved one up in heaven. For some families, a full candle ceremony feels like the best way to fully honor the memory.


A candle ceremony can be completely customized to fit your family and the event. It can be as simple as different family members lighting a candle and sharing a memory while it is lit or more complicated with songs added. Whatever feels the most healing and connecting for your family will be the best way to carry out the ceremony.


Donate or Volunteer
If your loved one was charitable, volunteering or making a donation each year is a great way to carry on their memory. You can gather donations to make one bigger donation in their name, or the whole family can volunteer together. If you choose the latter, matching shirts can make the event feel more personalized and targeted on the deceased’s lasting memory.


More simple options like a moment of silence or going to a shared favorite place can also be healing. If your family is looking to create a memorial service or needs personalized items for an annual tradition to remember your loved one, look at The Funeral Program Site today. Their online superstore offers options in templates and memorials that can be customized to properly honor and celebrate a life lost.

Create Beautiful Funeral Memorial Cards to Share with Everyone

There are many different ways to remember a loved one who has passed away. Many people use headstones and decorated gravesites and dedicated shelves on home bookshelves stocked with favorite pictures or knickknacks. These can be beautiful and heartfelt ways to dedicate your love to a person you’ve lost, but unfortunately, they aren’t the most accessible memorials.


Family and friends who live far away will have trouble visiting as often, and there are only so many knickknacks to go around. A simple solution of funeral memorial cards ensures that everyone will be able to hold on to a little piece of their loved one to keep with them no matter how far they go.



Funeral memorial cards are typically small 4.25” wide x 5.5” tall cards that feature the image of a loved one on the front over a beautiful backdrop. The custom memorial cards available at The Funeral Program Site are available as either folded cards much like a greeting card or as unfolded, double-sided cards which are easier to have laminated or framed. These cards fit easily into standard sized envelopes and can be sent out to family and friends who are too far away to attend a wake or can even be used as a funeral announcement if you choose.


Many people fill their folded and no fold memorial cards with obituaries, poems, family stories, or prayers meant to honor the memory of their loved ones. No-fold memorial cards work especially well as prayer cards, as the prayer of your choice can be centered beautifully on the back side of the card and referenced whenever you choose to take a moment to remember the loved one who has passed. These cards look beautiful when laminated and can be saved as a lasting memorial. You can even carry them around with you in a purse or a car and keep the memory of your loved one with you at all times.


Some people choose to fill their memorial cards with other things such as favorite songs of the loved one or a passage from a favorite book. When you go through The Funeral Program Site, you can completely customize your funeral memorial cards to your liking.


Simply choose a favorite photograph of your loved one if you want one on the front and a backdrop theme for the card. There are a plethora of backdrop options, from simple colors to natural images, like flowers or waterfalls, to religious imagery for the devout. Your loved one’s photo will be cropped by a professional designer to blend seamlessly with the backdrop of your choice. Then whatever text you chose will be printed on the back of your no-fold cards or on the inside panels if you are using folded cards.


For an added level of customization, you can purchase a memorial card template from The Funeral Program Site and create your cards from a home computer. These templates work in Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages, making them highly accessible to anyone who wants to build their own memorial cards to share with friends and family.

The Funeral Programs Site Has Wonderful Memorial Service Cards

When a loved one passes away, their family wants to create just the right memories and have the finest way to remember them. The Funeral Programs Site has the best ways to show love and respect for the deceased. Their outstanding selection of memorial service cards can bring the love and respect together in a thoughtful and poignant manner.



The Perfect Remembrance
In many cases, it is difficult to put together the right sentiments and feelings during a time of loss and The Funeral Programs Site has an amazing variety of sentiments and memorial service cards to provide to family and friends. By going to their website, many families have discovered the caring and beautiful selection of cards and other items which can make a difficult time much less stressful. The designs and compositions make the process of building the perfect sentiment easy. On the website, families can discover truly meaningful ways to express their feelings. They can choose between cards that have been created to help express love and respect or they can create their own design to make the perfect personalized remembrance.


Support That Makes a Difference For Many Families
The staff at The Funeral Programs Site is sensitive to the needs of family members who wish to create a wonderful way of giving the right sentiment. Their experience and expertise have served many families over the years and they know how to make their customer’s messages come through for all to see. Customers can go to the website or they can call 800-773-9026 to discuss their personal choices and needs with a caring professional who is committed to making their purchase exactly the way it is wanted.


Thoughts and Memories Are Important
One of the greatest features The Funeral Programs Site can offer is the customized creation of the right message and thoughts for memorial cards. At a time when matters can be confusing and stressful, the staff at The Funeral Programs Site can help sort out issues and they can provide professional advice that makes everything work out as needed. It is a wonderful experience that many customers have enjoyed over the years.


Showing You Care Is What Matters
The Funeral Program Site has had so much experience supporting families and their loved ones that there is no better resource for memorial service cards or any other printed materials that can express a family’s love and respect. Many past customers have provided their thoughts on the help and support the company has given them. It’s because the company’s philosophy of providing their customers with only the best service and support goes into every item they sell and every customer they sell to.


Quality and Value Mean A Lot
During a difficult time, it is important to remember every customer wants to have the highest quality remembrances that will be appreciated for their attention to details. Showing respect should make family members proud and the items they choose to show their respect with must be made from the best quality products. Our company knows how long many family members will wish to hold onto the items and the sentiments expressed with those items. Only the finest products will stand the test of time.

Order Funeral Remembrance Cards from The Funeral Program Site For DIY Memorial Cards

Losing someone close in your life is a tough experience, but remembering them and memorializing their life is one of the best ways to celebrate a life lost. The Funeral Program Site knows that each person is unique and special and deserves to be remembered in significant ways. That is why we offer a wide selection of DIY materials to make memorial cards, funeral announcements, programs for funeral services and more. You can customize nearly any of our print selections to make the perfect piece of literature to remember a loved one’s life. Our funeral remembrance cards are designed to help you create a perfect card that will bring joy to guests during a time of mourning. Our templates and memorials are all priced reasonably, and we also offer printing services for those who choose it.



Our small folded funeral remembrance cards are great for handing out at memorial service events or wakes. Sized the quarter of a letter sheet, you are able to add minimal text and small photos to personalize. Folding at the center allows for an entire page that can be used for a photo cover to display the image of a loved one. These small memorial cards come in many different color schemes and set up options so that you can choose from a variety of different templates that suit the image and text you want to display.


Some of the options include our Blossom design, featuring a soft pink floral print with a mint green background that would complement any image so that you can celebrate the life of someone you cared about with love and beauty. The Heaven Small memorial card design has a bright blue sky background with a light blue glowing cross on the page. This heavenly landscape backdrop is perfect to add some text and a photo of the person you are mourning for a beautiful memorial card that can then be kept as a keepsake. If you would like a photo of your loved on this card, we will use our expert designers to remove the background in the original photo to make a seamless transition between the photo of your loved one and the background.


We also offer a selection of non-folding funeral remembrance cards. These funeral flat cards are best used for funeral announcements, as a memory card, or can be modified to be used as a prayer card. They are also available in both matte and gloss finishes. These cards also come with many different background choices such as scenic landscapes, beautiful watercolor designs, Celtic designs, and an image of a cross with beads. These can be easily modified to add your own personalized text and image. You can also choose to go for a card with no background. This allows you to take your own photo and use it as the backdrop so that you can truly create a DIY memorial card that focuses solely on your loved one.


Order these cards in a minimum of 24 folded memorial cards, and you will receive them with an edge to edge printing in a finished size of 4.25” wide x 5.5” high. These also come in full color and with an optional envelope. For more information on what The Funeral Program Site has to memorialize your loved, visit us online at FuneralProgram-Site.com.

Order a Funeral Brochure Template from The Funeral Program Site

Celebrating the life of a loved one should be a special occasion, but you should also be able to specialize and customize the service to how you want it to be. The Funeral Programs Site is a place that you can turn to so that you can make a memorial service very special by ordering one of our funeral brochure templates. From our wide selection of templates, you can easily choose a design that truly reflects the love you want to share during the memorial service. The Funeral Program Site takes pride in offering many different ways to DIY a funeral or memorial service, and all of our templates are easy to use and ready made. These templates are designed to create a program, a card, bookmark, or announcement.



Not sure what to say in your brochure? That’s okay. We will gladly provide the piece you chose to have filler text so that you can get a start on what to write for your specific service. We offer many different ways to customize such as colored backgrounds and different layouts. All of our funeral program templates are able to be downloaded so that you can easily start making your creation as soon as you make your order. Each download is compatible with Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages.


A beautiful and classic funeral service program is our simple Gatefold Program. The Gatefold is unique because it allows you to put a photo or text on the front of the two fold page that opens up to a beautiful display on the interior. The content on the inside of the program can also be customized, and the sizes of the brochures come in medium legal size paper and large tabloid size paper. Choose a size depending on the type of content you will be using. Some of the designs we offer for our brochures are a breathtaking dove in the clouds scene, a lush waterfall setting, and a glorious mountain top scene. We also offer a serene beach background, different flower gardens, and a simple but powerful cross. No matter what gatefold brochure you decide to use as your memorial card for a service, it will be beautiful and meaningful.


Our legal size funeral booklets can be ordered in either a bi-fold design or centerfold in a 8.5” x 14” size in an 8-sided booklet. We also offer an option to add more pages to the book if needed. This book also includes an interior removable photo box in the pages. We want to be able to accommodate every design you may want, so if you don’t see a design you like on our website, we will gladly make you a custom background. It is important to us that the booklet you order is perfect for the person who is being remembered. You can also opt to print the book yourself or order it to be printed in our professional printing center.


Order a memorial booklet from our funeral brochure templates to ensure that your loved one is remembered in the best way possible. Visit us online at FuneralProgram-Site.com and get a beautiful template for your service brochures, funeral cards and more.

Find the Right Funeral Quotes for Mother at The Funeral Program Site

The transition from this life to the next can be difficult to deal with for a family and coming up with just the right phrase or wording to express feelings about a loved one can be a challenge. At The Funeral Program Site, families can find the words that best express their feelings. With compassionate words that stir both the heart and the soul, it is much more satisfying to find the right way to say goodbye to your loved one. Loving and caring funeral quotes for Mother are available and can be used with any of the printed products offered on their website.



Respecting Loss and Love
Mothers are such special people to so many members of a family; it is important that we show not only our love but also our respect. Gracious words designed with beautiful fonts show the love and respect we have for a beloved Mother. Finding just the right funeral quotes for Mother doesn’t have to be difficult. At The Funeral Program Site, there are lovely quotes that help express the deep down love and care that everyone wants to show during this time.


Great Ways to Show Your Love
People gather together to honor the life of the departed and what better way to help everyone during this important event than to have timely words that lovingly express everyone’s feelings? Choosing just the right way to express love and devotion to an important family member can be difficult. That is why The Funeral Program Site help to make it much easier by offering already composed words in simple, yet elegant phrases that touch the heart.


Good People Helping You Say What You Wish to Say
The folks at The Funeral Program Site aren’t going to let your family struggle with the difficulties of finding the best expressions of love alone. They know this time is difficult and by offering a helping hand, they know they can make the effort of finding the perfect ways to express your love much less stressful and trying. Their staff is ready to help with any request or concern you may have. Simply give them a call at 800-773-9026 or send them an email at orders@funeralprogram-site.com to let them know what they can do to help make this difficult time in your life easier on you.


More Ways to Express Your Love For Mother
The Funeral Program Site has assembled many different ways to express your love and respect and they encourage all of their customers to look through the wide range of memorials, DIY brochure templates, gifts, candles, and other loving ways of remembrance. Most importantly, they know how significant and meaningful finding the kindest funeral quotes for Mother can be. Take a few moments and see why so many customers have given 5-star ratings and wonderful reviews of their company. You’ll quickly see that they care and go the extra mile to make sure everything is just right for you, your family, and your loved one.

Create a Custom Brochure from The Funeral Program Site with the Best Funeral Program Template

The Funeral Program Site sells a wide array of many different types of templates to help remember your loved one. Losing someone close to you is a devastating event, and that person should be memorialized and remembered in the best way. The Funeral Program Site is an online space where you can go to prepare for a memorial or funeral service to make it as personal and special as you’d like. Our DIY templates are the best funeral program templates for any type of service. These templates come in all different designs, options to create, and ways to get your program printed in time for your memorial service. We offer plenty of DIY and easy to use templates that are made of great quality. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, watch one our step-by-step video tutorials and check out our FAQs page so that you can have a seamless and pleasurable experience while choosing and ordering your design.



Our templates include different options such as programs, cards, bookmarks, or announcements. All of our materials can either be printed professionally by our staff or instantly downloaded and edited in Word, Publisher, and Apple pages.


The loss of a pet is just as devastating as a death in the family because pets are part of the family. That is why we offer DIY pet memorial card templates. Our flat card templates are perfect for a loving pets memorial, measure 2.49” by 4.25,” and are printable on both the front and back. For $39.99, you get 8 printed cards per sheet, which can be laminated after printing. Choose from ten different color options as well as an option to customize the text on the card. Our foldable card templates are made so that you can add more text or a bigger photo to the card but are in the same price range so that you can customize these cards from the same ten color options. Both of these cards offer immediate download and endless ways to customize.


Our funeral word art is perfect for creating the best funeral program template. Our fonts come in all different styles that can make any memorial piece personal and beautiful. From elegant fonts to bold and more. The fonts we offer are for elegant names, family members, funeral poems, funeral program titles, funeral quotes, scripture bible verses, sympathy messages, and word art PAKs. Just chose the font style you want and browse through the collection in a vector image format that is able to be resized and moved to fit on any type of template. Each font pack offers many different quotes you can choose from to reflect whichever type of design you are looking for.


We also offer many types of ready-made template designs that are perfect for custom designs. We offer hundreds of templates, but in case you don’t like what you see, use one our custom designs to remove the background, change the photo, or create an entirely new program or card. All of our selections are customizable as well, so order your funeral program today at FuneralProgram-Site.com and create a beautiful memorial for a loved one.

A Funeral Program to Commemorate a Lost Loved One

When we lose our loved ones, our focus turns to ensuring that his or her funeral and memorial service is perfectly planned to commemorate their life and all of their accomplishments while also giving close family members and friends a chance to speak. Keeping this in mind, it is important to plan the events of a funeral and memorial before it actually takes place. This eliminates any surprises and allows you to allot time for prayers, readings, hymns, and comments from loved ones. Once the day arrives, your focus is to be on the deceased rather than worrying about what happens next. One of the ways to minimize stress and allow yourself to mourn properly at the funeral is with a funeral program.



Whether you have planned everything yourself or have requested help from a funeral home, the best ways to keep track of everything that will occur during a funeral, and to inform those attending on what the funeral service will entail is with the help of a funeral program. At The Funeral Program Site, we want you to know that we are here to make this process easier for you. We provide many varieties of programs available on our website that can be easily downloaded for your convenience. Some of the template designs we offer are gatefold program templates and monogram style program templates.


Our gatefold program templates feature two front panels that open to reveal the inside of the program. These programs are printed on one sheet of legal size paper that is approximately 7” wide and 8.5” high when finished and folded. Once you complete your purchase, the template will be immediately provided in your account for you to customize with your own text and pictures. If you prefer to have one of our designers customize the program for you, simply choose the selection that provides customization and we will get you your program in 24 hours with normal turnaround time or 1-2 hours with rush turnaround time.


Our creative monogram style program templates prints on one 8.5” x 11” letter size paper with a finished folded size of 5.5” x 8.5.” Our Signature Monogram, Script Monogram, and Sachet monogram templates can be downloaded as is without customization or with customization and the option to add more pages. Our Monogram Gold Initial Program Templates, however, are not available for customization.


In addition to what is mentioned above, we also provide custom cover memorial programs for you to choose from. These options allow you to indicate the template background design you want, the size of the program, the software you want to edit the template with so that we can provide you with the best and easiest service, and the number of photos for the cover design.


Aside from our memorial programs, we also have memorial bookmarks, in loving memory gifts, funeral announcements, flyer sheets, prayer cards, and many more options to choose from so that you can plan a funeral service that honors your loved one. For more information about what The Funeral Program Site offers, visit us online at funeralprogram-site.com. We are here for you and your needs so don’t ever hesitate to reach out and let us help you create a memorial service that is dedicated to your loved one.

Order Personalized In Loving Memory Gifts to Celebrate the Life Of A Loved One

The Funeral Programs Site is here for you during every step of the bereavement process. Preparing a funeral or memorial can be difficult, but we are here for every step of the planning and have some of the best products to make the memorial service of your loved one as special as possible. We also offer a wide selection of personalized memorial pieces so that you can customize your service to be a true reflection of your loved one. Remembering someone who passed can be a beautiful thing, and memorial gift items from our In Loving Memory Gifts selection are the perfect way to memorialize someone. These gifts are perfect for those in mourning and can bring more condolences than a personalized gift dedicated to those who have passed.



If you are looking for something small yet meaningful, our small cards are the perfect gift. Choose the Wings of Gold Lapel Memorial Pin with Memorial Poem Card which comes with a small golden cross pin and a card that reads, "Your loved one is in heaven wearing wings of gold waiting for the day when your hand again they'll hold,” which reminds the wearer that they will see their loved one again someday. Another smaller gift that speaks volumes is our sympathy cards which feature a bird and flower bouquet figurine, we have twelve different styles to represent each month so you can choose the month that your loved one was either born or passed away. This sympathy card with figurine also allows for two lines of personalized text. Each card features the text “A bird is the perfect symbol of freedom and perspective. Because they fly high into the sky, they are often referred to as little messengers who provide humans with a bridge between this life and the next.”


Another small but mighty In Loving Memory Gift is our Footprints in the Sand pocket token. The card it comes in features a beautiful bible verse, with the pocket-sized engraved pewter coin. On one side of the coin footprints are engraved, and on the back, a quote reads "It was then that I CARRIED you" to remind you of getting through the hard times.


Our Millennium Photo Memorial Frame is a beautiful gift to give someone who wants to remember a loved one. This frame features the poem Broken Chain engraved into the silver frame. It also holds a 4” x 6” photograph of your loved one. The frame also features an angel heart token at the top engraved above the photo and comes packed into a gift box so that you can give it as a memorial present right away.


Celebrating the life of a loved one and the happiness they brought you is an important occasion. The Funeral Program Site wants to make sure that we are your online resource for all things needed to perfect the memorial service of those you lost. Our In Loving Memory Gifts are a sentimental and personal way to remember loved ones who have passed. Visit us online at FuneralProgram-Site.com and browse through everything we have to offer.