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Keep your Loved One’s Memory Alive with Memorial Lanterns

After losing a loved one, we traditionally do everything we can to memorialize them. After the service has passed and life returns to normal, we cling to items that remind us of those we have lost. At The Funeral Program Site, we offer a series of beautiful memorial gifts to honor your loved ones. One of the most touching lines of items we offer is our collection of memorial lanterns.



These lanterns keep a light shining to reassure us that the memories of those we’ve lost are always with us. Our lanterns are perfect for anyone who wants to keep a touching reminder of a loved one in their home or give a personal gift to close friends and family affected by a loss. The light from these lanterns is a perfect way to keep memories of those we’ve lost alive.


We offer a wide range of memorial lanterns to fit any style. Our lanterns feature metal and wooden frames, with some designs including multiple finish options. Each lantern features shatter-resistant acrylic windows to ensure they don’t break in transit. A beautiful memorial quote is printed on the front panel of each lantern, which varies by design. Simply pick the lantern you know the recipient will love and then add your personal touches.


Personalizing your lantern is a simple process. Depending on the design, we offer multiple customization options. All of our lanterns feature two customizable lines of text at the base of the front panel. We print this text directly onto the glass for a sticker-free high-quality finish. While most customers use these lines for names and dates, you can personalize them however you see fit. For a few of our lanterns, you can add a photo to the back panel. Use a photo of your loved one or any photo that evokes warm memories for the lantern to illuminate.


All of our lanterns use electric LED candles. We do not recommend using real candles in these products. Our LED votive candles include timers so you can set your lantern to automatically turn off. Whether you want to light the candle daily or only on significant days, the flickering light from our lanterns will fill you with memories of your loved one.

Make a memory that never fades with our memorial lanterns. We know that whoever receives one of these lanterns will be touched by the thoughtful gift and will keep it shining every time they want to celebrate the life of their loved one. Just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean they can’t continue to bring light into the lives of their friends and family.


To share this light with the ones you love, visit The Funeral Program Site. We offer many touching gift options and are here to make getting your memorial needs as simple as possible. Visit our website FuneralProgram-Site.com or call us at (800)-773-9026. Our team is here to help you find the best way to preserve the memories of your loved ones for years to come.