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Create Beautiful Funeral Memorial Cards to Share with Everyone

There are many different ways to remember a loved one who has passed away. Many people use headstones and decorated gravesites and dedicated shelves on home bookshelves stocked with favorite pictures or knickknacks. These can be beautiful and heartfelt ways to dedicate your love to a person you’ve lost, but unfortunately, they aren’t the most accessible memorials.


Family and friends who live far away will have trouble visiting as often, and there are only so many knickknacks to go around. A simple solution of funeral memorial cards ensures that everyone will be able to hold on to a little piece of their loved one to keep with them no matter how far they go.



Funeral memorial cards are typically small 4.25” wide x 5.5” tall cards that feature the image of a loved one on the front over a beautiful backdrop. The custom memorial cards available at The Funeral Program Site are available as either folded cards much like a greeting card or as unfolded, double-sided cards which are easier to have laminated or framed. These cards fit easily into standard sized envelopes and can be sent out to family and friends who are too far away to attend a wake or can even be used as a funeral announcement if you choose.


Many people fill their folded and no fold memorial cards with obituaries, poems, family stories, or prayers meant to honor the memory of their loved ones. No-fold memorial cards work especially well as prayer cards, as the prayer of your choice can be centered beautifully on the back side of the card and referenced whenever you choose to take a moment to remember the loved one who has passed. These cards look beautiful when laminated and can be saved as a lasting memorial. You can even carry them around with you in a purse or a car and keep the memory of your loved one with you at all times.


Some people choose to fill their memorial cards with other things such as favorite songs of the loved one or a passage from a favorite book. When you go through The Funeral Program Site, you can completely customize your funeral memorial cards to your liking.


Simply choose a favorite photograph of your loved one if you want one on the front and a backdrop theme for the card. There are a plethora of backdrop options, from simple colors to natural images, like flowers or waterfalls, to religious imagery for the devout. Your loved one’s photo will be cropped by a professional designer to blend seamlessly with the backdrop of your choice. Then whatever text you chose will be printed on the back of your no-fold cards or on the inside panels if you are using folded cards.


For an added level of customization, you can purchase a memorial card template from The Funeral Program Site and create your cards from a home computer. These templates work in Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages, making them highly accessible to anyone who wants to build their own memorial cards to share with friends and family.