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Creating New Traditions After Losing a Loved One

When you lose a family member or other loved one, the holidays and other traditions will never be the same. While there is a lot of sadness attached to that sentiment, there can be a silver lining. Rather than feeling the loss each year, families can find comfort in paying tribute to their loved one with new traditions. For every family, the level of involvement and way to memorialize the loss will be different. Whether you buy memorial lanterns and light them with messages or set an extra plate at the table, it’s important to honor both their memory and your own feelings when choosing a new tradition.


The inspiration behind a new tradition may be a loss, but the tradition is meant for the living. Be sure to choose a tradition that speaks the truth of your relationship of the loved one and preserves your memory of them. By honoring that truth, the tradition will likely be passed on for generations, creating new memories and family traditions while keeping the memory alive.



Food Selections
Did they have a favorite holiday food? Making a holiday dish, a dessert, breakfast food, or other drinks or food items that they loved is a great way to feel close to them during a holiday. Maybe your dish won’t even be part of the main event. Having their favorite breakfast as a family long before guests arrive can be a great way to connect with their memory in a more intimate way. This can also be done with drinks after the fact. Whichever better serves the memory of the person who has passed will be the better choice.


Lighting a Candle or Ceremony
There are options in candle lightings, ceremonies, and memorial lanterns to use a flame to celebrate their life. Letting a candle burn throughout an event can make it feel like the person is attending the celebration in some way. Chinese lanterns can be lit as a ceremony to honor them. Some families buy memorial lanterns and write personalized messages on them so it gets delivered to the loved one up in heaven. For some families, a full candle ceremony feels like the best way to fully honor the memory.


A candle ceremony can be completely customized to fit your family and the event. It can be as simple as different family members lighting a candle and sharing a memory while it is lit or more complicated with songs added. Whatever feels the most healing and connecting for your family will be the best way to carry out the ceremony.


Donate or Volunteer
If your loved one was charitable, volunteering or making a donation each year is a great way to carry on their memory. You can gather donations to make one bigger donation in their name, or the whole family can volunteer together. If you choose the latter, matching shirts can make the event feel more personalized and targeted on the deceased’s lasting memory.


More simple options like a moment of silence or going to a shared favorite place can also be healing. If your family is looking to create a memorial service or needs personalized items for an annual tradition to remember your loved one, look at The Funeral Program Site today. Their online superstore offers options in templates and memorials that can be customized to properly honor and celebrate a life lost.