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Order Personalized In Loving Memory Gifts to Celebrate the Life Of A Loved One

The Funeral Programs Site is here for you during every step of the bereavement process. Preparing a funeral or memorial can be difficult, but we are here for every step of the planning and have some of the best products to make the memorial service of your loved one as special as possible. We also offer a wide selection of personalized memorial pieces so that you can customize your service to be a true reflection of your loved one. Remembering someone who passed can be a beautiful thing, and memorial gift items from our In Loving Memory Gifts selection are the perfect way to memorialize someone. These gifts are perfect for those in mourning and can bring more condolences than a personalized gift dedicated to those who have passed.



If you are looking for something small yet meaningful, our small cards are the perfect gift. Choose the Wings of Gold Lapel Memorial Pin with Memorial Poem Card which comes with a small golden cross pin and a card that reads, "Your loved one is in heaven wearing wings of gold waiting for the day when your hand again they'll hold,” which reminds the wearer that they will see their loved one again someday. Another smaller gift that speaks volumes is our sympathy cards which feature a bird and flower bouquet figurine, we have twelve different styles to represent each month so you can choose the month that your loved one was either born or passed away. This sympathy card with figurine also allows for two lines of personalized text. Each card features the text “A bird is the perfect symbol of freedom and perspective. Because they fly high into the sky, they are often referred to as little messengers who provide humans with a bridge between this life and the next.”


Another small but mighty In Loving Memory Gift is our Footprints in the Sand pocket token. The card it comes in features a beautiful bible verse, with the pocket-sized engraved pewter coin. On one side of the coin footprints are engraved, and on the back, a quote reads "It was then that I CARRIED you" to remind you of getting through the hard times.


Our Millennium Photo Memorial Frame is a beautiful gift to give someone who wants to remember a loved one. This frame features the poem Broken Chain engraved into the silver frame. It also holds a 4” x 6” photograph of your loved one. The frame also features an angel heart token at the top engraved above the photo and comes packed into a gift box so that you can give it as a memorial present right away.


Celebrating the life of a loved one and the happiness they brought you is an important occasion. The Funeral Program Site wants to make sure that we are your online resource for all things needed to perfect the memorial service of those you lost. Our In Loving Memory Gifts are a sentimental and personal way to remember loved ones who have passed. Visit us online at FuneralProgram-Site.com and browse through everything we have to offer.