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Personalized Memorial Bookmarks, a Thoughtful Gift

Finding the perfect item to hand out at a memorial service is a daunting taste. Funeral pamphlets are a standard option for most services, but they are often packed away and forgotten after the service. Sometimes it just feels important to offer something more substantial to your friends and family in attendance at a memorial service. If you need a gift to pass out at your loved one’s service, consider personalized memorial bookmarks.


A bookmark is a simple yet effective gift. It does not burden the receiver with the worry about the cost because it’s just paper, but it’s also so much more. A bookmark is a useful tool that can be enjoyed for years, revisiting our lives every time we return to the book that’s housing it for us. By adding your loved one’s image or a thoughtful tribute to their memory, you can create bookmarks that will help keep their memory in the hearts of everyone who receives one.



When someone passes away, it’s rarely expected, and sometimes even those who loved them most can’t drop everything and travel to offer the family their condolences. Memorial bookmarks are also a simple way to offer a token to friends and family members who were unable to attend your loved one’s service.


A card in the mail with a bookmark will let them know that you understand that they couldn’t make it, but you still want them to have a piece of the funeral memorial service. These kinds of gestures can go a long way towards relieving any guilt your friends and family might be experiencing from missing the service.


To make your own personalized memorial bookmarks, The Funeral Program Site has several options depending on your needs. They offer easily downloadable and fillable templates that you can fill from home. If you don’t need another task in your trying time, the design specialists at The Funeral Program Site can also take over the design of your bookmarks. Simply provide any images you wish to use and any relevant text to have your custom bookmarks designed and printed quickly and easily.


So if you want to give a gift that will serve as a useful reminder of your loved one, visit The Funeral Program Site to see their gorgeous bookmark options. If you have any other memorial related printing needs, their team are experts at getting high quality printed items shipped to families in time for their loved one’s memorial.


The Funeral Program Site has been crafting memorial items since 2009 and they are well versed in the process of setting up a memorial service. Their staff works with grieving families and will help as much or as little as your family needs. If you have any questions about their services, feel free to call their team at 800-773-9026. Whatever you need to make your service the beautiful celebration your loved one needs, The Funeral Program Site will be there for you and your family.