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Preparing a Great Eulogy to Commemorate a Loved One

A eulogy honors the memory of a loved one who has passed, but it serves a higher purpose in the healing process. Following a loss, hearing a well-delivered eulogy can help mourners experience the person that has been lost through someone else’s eyes. However, writing a eulogy is incredibly difficult. Not only is it hard to distill years of memories into one speech, but the emotions of loss can be tough to get through while writing.


Adding some humor mixed with thoughtful memories can be the best ways to cherish the memory of a loved one. Adding funeral poems for mother or reading passages that meant something to your father can also be read at the funeral as part of the eulogy or a separate reading for those that aren’t as good at writing.



Remember the Best of Times
Most of a eulogy consists of memories with the person that passed. Rather than focusing on how things ended or the painful memories, remember the good times. Before writing anything down, take time to remember the person you’ve lost. The eulogy should reflect how they make you feel without the emotions of mourning and loss. Remember, the eulogy honors the one that passed away but it’s actually for the living.


Funerals may not be full of sunshine and happiness, even when they are celebrations of life, but they shouldn’t dwell on the sadness. Instead, it should be a healing celebration where those mourning the loss can come together. Incorporating the memories that those in attendance will cherish is the most important aspect of the speech.


Create an Outline and Set the Tone
With any piece of writing, an outline and consistent tone are key. Further, an outline can help bring the chosen memories together into one narrative. When creating the outline, consider what you want to shine through the most. Is it your mother that passed away? Do you want to convey that she was a kind and loving mother or show her as strict but supportive? Have you considered funeral poems for mother or passages she enjoyed?


The key is to create an obvious theme. If she was very loving, choosing memories where she was loving and weaving them into one narrative is highly effective. It helps others grieve and experience your love for your mother while having one consistent tone and message throughout.


Prepare to Speak
Delivering the eulogy may be more difficult than writing the speech. The first thing to remember is that no one expects you to get through the eulogy without crying or having your voice break. At a funeral, everyone is also upset and will be supportive as you try to commemorate the loved one you have lost. Further, no one expects you to be a good public speaker. Chances are, you were chosen due to how close you were with the person who passed. As long as you are sincere, it will be a heartfelt moment everyone was hoping for.


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