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Order a Funeral Brochure Template from The Funeral Program Site

Celebrating the life of a loved one should be a special occasion, but you should also be able to specialize and customize the service to how you want it to be. The Funeral Programs Site is a place that you can turn to so that you can make a memorial service very special by ordering one of our funeral brochure templates. From our wide selection of templates, you can easily choose a design that truly reflects the love you want to share during the memorial service. The Funeral Program Site takes pride in offering many different ways to DIY a funeral or memorial service, and all of our templates are easy to use and ready made. These templates are designed to create a program, a card, bookmark, or announcement.



Not sure what to say in your brochure? That’s okay. We will gladly provide the piece you chose to have filler text so that you can get a start on what to write for your specific service. We offer many different ways to customize such as colored backgrounds and different layouts. All of our funeral program templates are able to be downloaded so that you can easily start making your creation as soon as you make your order. Each download is compatible with Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages.


A beautiful and classic funeral service program is our simple Gatefold Program. The Gatefold is unique because it allows you to put a photo or text on the front of the two fold page that opens up to a beautiful display on the interior. The content on the inside of the program can also be customized, and the sizes of the brochures come in medium legal size paper and large tabloid size paper. Choose a size depending on the type of content you will be using. Some of the designs we offer for our brochures are a breathtaking dove in the clouds scene, a lush waterfall setting, and a glorious mountain top scene. We also offer a serene beach background, different flower gardens, and a simple but powerful cross. No matter what gatefold brochure you decide to use as your memorial card for a service, it will be beautiful and meaningful.


Our legal size funeral booklets can be ordered in either a bi-fold design or centerfold in a 8.5” x 14” size in an 8-sided booklet. We also offer an option to add more pages to the book if needed. This book also includes an interior removable photo box in the pages. We want to be able to accommodate every design you may want, so if you don’t see a design you like on our website, we will gladly make you a custom background. It is important to us that the booklet you order is perfect for the person who is being remembered. You can also opt to print the book yourself or order it to be printed in our professional printing center.


Order a memorial booklet from our funeral brochure templates to ensure that your loved one is remembered in the best way possible. Visit us online at FuneralProgram-Site.com and get a beautiful template for your service brochures, funeral cards and more.