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Give a Practical Memorial Gift with Funeral Bookmarks

When attendees leave a funeral, you want to make sure each one of them will always remember your loved one. While many people cherish prayer cards and memorial service printouts, a practical gift is a great way to insert memories of your loved one into the everyday lives of those who cherished them in life. Funeral bookmarks are a perfect way to make sure everyone leaves your service with a token to use and appreciate for years to come.



The Funeral Program Site offers a wide assortment of bookmark options. We know that you want your gift to really symbolize your loved one for those who meant the most to them. We offer a wide variety of themed funeral bookmark templates that you can fill in yourself or let our experts take care of for you.


All of our templates feature the option to add a photo and text to both sides of the bookmark that you know will remind friends and family members of their happy memories of your loved one. If you want to create a unique template, our design team can generate a custom design to match your vision. To save you time, you can provide the text and photo you want the bookmarks to feature and our team can assemble the design for you in as little as one to two hours.


We offer several options for how you would like your bookmarks prepared. We offer cardstock printed bookmarks and lamination services. If you want to give your bookmarks more flourish, we can add ribbons or tassels to the bookmarks for you. For a budget alternative, we even offer some preprinted bookmark paper that we can send you with a template to print at home yourself.


A gorgeous personal bookmark is an ideal gift to provide memorial service attendees. Whether given by itself or with an accompanying funeral pamphlet, it’s an item that won’t get tucked away and forgotten about. Give your friends and family a tiny memorial they can use and cherish for years to come.


The beauty of a funeral bookmark is that it keeps your loved one in someone’s life in such a small but significant way. Whenever they open or close a book, they will experience a reminder of this person who meant so much to them. It’s a simple way to keep the memory of your loved one alive for years to come.


To find your perfect memorial bookmarks and any other memorial printing service you need, visit FuneralProgram-site.com or call us at (800) 773-9026. If you call or email us, we will answer promptly and do everything we can to provide you beautiful products. Our team is dedicated to making the process of getting the memorial print goods you need as easy as possible. We offer services to take care of everything for you or the tools needed to make them yourself. Whatever you need, we’re here and more than happy to help.