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Order Funeral Remembrance Cards from The Funeral Program Site For DIY Memorial Cards

Losing someone close in your life is a tough experience, but remembering them and memorializing their life is one of the best ways to celebrate a life lost. The Funeral Program Site knows that each person is unique and special and deserves to be remembered in significant ways. That is why we offer a wide selection of DIY materials to make memorial cards, funeral announcements, programs for funeral services and more. You can customize nearly any of our print selections to make the perfect piece of literature to remember a loved one’s life. Our funeral remembrance cards are designed to help you create a perfect card that will bring joy to guests during a time of mourning. Our templates and memorials are all priced reasonably, and we also offer printing services for those who choose it.



Our small folded funeral remembrance cards are great for handing out at memorial service events or wakes. Sized the quarter of a letter sheet, you are able to add minimal text and small photos to personalize. Folding at the center allows for an entire page that can be used for a photo cover to display the image of a loved one. These small memorial cards come in many different color schemes and set up options so that you can choose from a variety of different templates that suit the image and text you want to display.


Some of the options include our Blossom design, featuring a soft pink floral print with a mint green background that would complement any image so that you can celebrate the life of someone you cared about with love and beauty. The Heaven Small memorial card design has a bright blue sky background with a light blue glowing cross on the page. This heavenly landscape backdrop is perfect to add some text and a photo of the person you are mourning for a beautiful memorial card that can then be kept as a keepsake. If you would like a photo of your loved on this card, we will use our expert designers to remove the background in the original photo to make a seamless transition between the photo of your loved one and the background.


We also offer a selection of non-folding funeral remembrance cards. These funeral flat cards are best used for funeral announcements, as a memory card, or can be modified to be used as a prayer card. They are also available in both matte and gloss finishes. These cards also come with many different background choices such as scenic landscapes, beautiful watercolor designs, Celtic designs, and an image of a cross with beads. These can be easily modified to add your own personalized text and image. You can also choose to go for a card with no background. This allows you to take your own photo and use it as the backdrop so that you can truly create a DIY memorial card that focuses solely on your loved one.


Order these cards in a minimum of 24 folded memorial cards, and you will receive them with an edge to edge printing in a finished size of 4.25” wide x 5.5” high. These also come in full color and with an optional envelope. For more information on what The Funeral Program Site has to memorialize your loved, visit us online at FuneralProgram-Site.com.